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Education goes up in flames in Kashmir

31st October 2016.George Kottakal.0 Likes.0 Comments

As the Kashmir unrest draws to almost four months, a disturbing trend is taking place. Schools across Kashmir are being burnt by “miscreants”. NDTV has reported that in a span of 24 hours, three schools have been burnt. None of the vandals have been traced up until today. The allegation being made here is that the Hurriyat is deliberately intent on keeping the youth of the valley uneducated.

Youth of Kashmir: Political Cannon Fodder


It comes as no surprise that Syed Gilani Shah’s granddaughter’s school is the only school that has not come under the protest calendar. Most Kashmiri’s have realized that the Hurriyat has no interest in the future of children of Kashmir. The most unfortunate aspect of this is that due to the fascist nature of the movement, parents had to cover their faces while protesting against the Hurriyat. The Hurriyat are in fact, looking forward to keeping the masses uneducated and frustrated to further their own political ambitions. This frustration is then channelized by them to engineer protests. It is for this reason that a majority of the protesters and stone pelters are uneducated youth. Most of the youth are disillusioned and have no clear direction or perspective on what they want to do with their lives. These are the youth who are most likely to get drawn into separatism. When asked as to why the Islamic State flags are being hoisted, while some youth say they genuinely want to see Islamic rule within the state, many say that they raise these flags  only as a way to irritate the security forces. The behavior of these youth is similar to a troubled child in school who provokes the teacher by hurling abuses. The reason isn’t because they feel oppressed by the state, it’s because they have an inner turmoil that they are unable to channelize productively. The government has long understood this and has numerous scholarship programs by which Kashmiri youth are helped to pursue their education outside the valley. Nabeel Ahmed Wani (BSF topper) and others Kashmiri’s feel that education and unemployment are the biggest problems that the youth in the valley face today and not state oppression.

Keeping the flames burning

The media and Islamic countries have completely misinterpreted this as a movement against Indian oppression. This is repeatedly mentioned by self-righteous anchors such as Mehdi Hassan of AlJazeera and Organization of Islamic countries who are finding any excuse to label the unrest as ” retaliation against Muslim oppression”. It is unfortunate that this communal bent is being used while covering the news. The Turkish government which had earlier cozied up to the Islamic State is trying desperately to meddle in Indian internal affair by highlighting the Kashmir issue while staying silent on the atrocities they commit on the Kurds on a regular basis. Thus, the real issue which is a social problem is being portrayed as a political one.

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