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I’m George Kottakal and welcome to my digital domain. Click on the “+” sign on the top right to navigate through the website.


I’ve been aware of my environment from a young age which is why it comes as no surprise to many close to me that I’ve started my own blog. While a lot of things interest me, the political climate post-2014 transformed me into a new entity. To many, I was a hardened “nationalist” but apparently, its meaning has changed!

Hindutva is not the essence of India. Forceful imposition of Hindi in South India where the language is barely spoken,  open hostility towards Muslims based on preconceived notions and giving precedence to our bovine sisters over our actual ones have given me quite a few sleepless nights.

You’ll find a variety of articles that I hope will leave you satisfied. I’ve taken a lot of effort to study these topics and present them to you so rest assured that there is validity in what I have to say.


Hoping to leave you intellectually enriched!


George Kottakal



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